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Shipping / Pick Up / Returns

Table of Shipping Rates
      .00 lbs. -  .02 lbs          $   5.00
      .02 lbs. -  .09 lbs               6.35
      .09 lbs. -  2    lbs             11.70
    2      lbs. -  3    lbs             16.30

    3      lbs. -  5.5 lbs             17.85                 
Pick Up

Orders may be picked up at a prearranged date and location. 

Return & Exchange Policy

If not completely satisfied with your order, return it for a full refund, less return shipping costs.    

Our used parts have been checked out and are in good condition.  If you feel that any of our parts do not live up to your expectations, or we misrepresented the item(s), contact us and we will make arrangements for the item(s) to be returned and your money refunded. 

We do offer exchanges.  Contact us at maltmixerman@gmail to arrange the exchange.

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