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Part No. 2011 Replacement Glass For Standard Model 20 Malt Dispenser With Carnation Logo


The canister was manufactured to our specifications to fit standard malt dispensers and was made with hardened quartz glass for durability and clarity. As with the original canisters, there is a sleeve on the bottom edge, not only to protect it from chipping but to ensure a good but not overly tight fit in your base. The fit allows the canister to be removed for cleaning, as malt tends to draw moisture and hardens over time. Difficulty in removing the canisters has caused many to get broken or cracked over the years.

The decal is made of heavy duty, commercial, outdoor-quality vinyl and is nearly impossible to remove. It appears to be painted and is very similar to the original Carnation logo.

There are other canisters available on this website. Part No. 2012- Horlick's, and Part No. 2013- Thompson's. Plain glass with no decal- Part No. 2014. Decals are also sold separately under items 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Replacing a broken or missing canister can more than double or triple the value of your dispenser base. If you have not checked recently, a good malt dispenser with glass is selling in the $450-$500.00 range. Some of these dispensers are getting close to 90 years old. 

Canister ships insured in a heavy duty box with multiple layers of packing to guarantee safe arrival. As usual, we offer a money back guarantee on this product. If you are not satisfied, return the canister in the original box and packing.. 

Shipping within the Continental U.S. for this item is $15.00. 

The canister comes with decal on one side. A second decal can be added to the back, if you prefer.

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