Malt Mixer Man Co.

 Specializing in parts for Hamilton Beach Malt Machines since 2001

Your may recognize our parts from eBay.  We sell parts under drnj44 and have accumulated more than 1725 positive feedback comments - with no negatives. 

About Us
We are a small company located in Southeast Kansas and are proud that many of our parts have been made in the U.S.  We contract with small companies in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri to manufacture the malt machine parts to our specifications.  Most are exact replicas of the original parts.


Thank you so much for the service you provide.  We'll get a good amount of use out of this machine, and again thank you for making this possible.  C. E.

We got the mixer and it looks great.  Made our first malt last night and it works great.  Thanks for quality work and honesty!  It was a real pleasure working with you.  T. & C.

I received the parts, and they're exactly what I wanted.  Great parts, great service!  Thanks, N.B.

Glad that I found you, I will be needing a part or two!   P.L.

I saw you at the New Braunfels Antique show and bought a beautiful 940.  Still love my mixer!  L. R.

The brush caps I ordered are perfect and completed my mixer!  Thank you, A.S.

I had almost given up hope, then I discovered you and your parts.  What a find for me!  My grandmother's mixer is now working again!  I'm reliving my childhood all over again, thanks to you!  S. O.

I do not need any bearings after I followed your advice...I greased all of them and they smoothed out just like you said they would.  I have learned a lot and your help really was a blessing.  Thanks, A.L.

Beautiful chrome! makes a great malted milkshake again! is an Oma treasure from the former Reeveā€™s dime store soda fountain in Baldwin City, Kansas. Thanks to the Maltmixer Man in Erie, Kansas for installing the new motor parts!  M.D.

Great, great, great love it and now my malt mixer is complete and in use. thanks

Cup was a perfect fit for my Model 51.

Perfect for mixer model-hard to find item!  Thanks!

Thank you so much!  I did a quick fix by taping the cord and putting the hot wires on the correct terminals.  IT WORKS!  this thing hasn't been run since the middle 1990's and dates back to my granddad's pharmacy in the 1950's, maybe even earlier.  I'm still cautious but the next step is to try to make milkshakes just like Granddad used to!  I'm heading to the store now.  : )  Thanks again, William A.